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We've innovated furniture protection.

Provide your customers with straightforward, hassle-free protection plans that will increase engagement, growth and profitability. 

From new to used furniture, we have more coverage. 


Not only do we provide coverage for new furniture, we designed a solution that allows customers with gently-used furniture to qualify to extended the protection of their furniture.


We answer phones faster than you can read this. 


Our average service phone call is answered in under 6 seconds, giving our customers a quick and
timely experience.


We provide better marketing to achieve your business goals. 

Marketing is an ongoing strategy. We provide our partners with all the tools to ensure higher customer engagement, more sales resources and a better presence in the marketplace. 

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Personalized Training
Your sales associates are always up-to-date with the features and benefits of your furniture protection program.
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Customer Retention 
Retailers can increase customer engagement and retention by offering flexible coverage at an affordable price.
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Focus on the Needs
PermaPlate provides the most appearance-related coverages in the furniture industry.
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Straightforward Plans
Contracts can be confusing. Luckily, PermaPlate makes the experience straightforward, hassle-free and easy to understand.
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Competitive Rates
As a partner, you will be provided competitive wholesale rates for 3 and 5
year protection programs. 
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Partnership Loyalty
Our partnership is important.  As we work to fix appearance, structure or mechanical damages – it may require us to replace furniture.  We will first source replacement orders back to your store.  We protect customer loyalty.

Each claim is handled with the highest standards to provide effective, personalized case management. 


Paid in claims


We back up our state-of-the-art products with highly competitive warranties. Since 2018, PermaPlate has paid out over $55,000,000+ in claims.


BBB Ratings


PermaPlate has held an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site for over 40 years.


Customers protected


As a retailer, you can find comfort knowing that we can scale and fulfull customer's furniture protection expectations. We measure vital customer contact points to assure

personalized care. 


Years of experience

PermaPlate has been a leading provider of warranty protection products since 1978.

What our customers say

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